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Many of the less commonly taught languages are critically important to our national interest over the centuries, the low level of current enrollments jeopardizes the very existence of the relatively few existing programs, and significantly restricts access to language learning opportunities for the large majority of students in the United States.

The conference supports NCOLCTL in its efforts to address the issue of national capacity in the LCTLs by facilitating communications among member organizations and with the governmental, private, heritage, and overseas sectors of the language community. Its ultimate goal is to increase the collective impact of LCTL constituencies on America's ability to communicate with peoples from all parts of the world.

These conferences bring together professionals from Academia, Government, Private Sector and Students in the field of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). NCOLCTL constitutes a national mechanism devoted to strengthening the less commonly taught languages professions and principally directs its efforts toward building a national achitecture for the LCTL field and in making the fields resources easily accessible to language programs and language learners around the United States.

2004 - Identifying Individual and National Needs in Less Commonly Taught Language

2005 - The Year of Languages: Expanding the Presence of Less Commonly Taught Languages

2006 - Expanding the LCTL Capacities in the United States

2007 - Professional Horizons in LCTLs: Reality and Promise

2008 - LCTLs and Globalization: Challenges, Expectations, and Possibilities

2009 - Towards a New Paradigm in LCTLs - Sheraton Hotel, Madison, WI

2010 - Enhancing African Languages Proficiency to a Higher Professional Level - Sheraton Hotel, Madison, WI

2011 - Building Language Capacity: Collaboration, Innovation, Globalization.  - Concourse Hotel, Madison, WI

2012 - Promoting Advance Langauge Proficiency and Intercultural Diversity in LCTs - Sheraton Hotel, Madison, WI

2013 - Expanding Opportunities for LCTL Learning at All Levels of Instructiond - Eagle Spa Itasca-Chicago, IL

2014 -  Collaboration and Internationalization: Enhancing and Sustaining Quality Outcomes for LCTLs - Westin Chicago Northwest Itasca, IL

2015 -  The Languages of American in the 21st century - Washington Dulles Airport, VA

2016 -  Positioning the LCTLs with Paradigm Shifts in U.S. Education - Holiday Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport-North, GA

2017 - the LCTL Mission: Advancing Intercultural Communication through Research and Practice for K-16-Holiday Inn - Schaumburg Area 3405 Algonquin Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008.

2018- the LCTL Mission: LCTL Education in the US: From Pre-K to Global Professional - Hyatt Regency, Dulles - Herndon, VA - 2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard, Herndon, VA 20171.

2019 - Embracing Diversity and Inclusion through LCTL Educations - Herndon, VA - 2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard, Herndon, VA 20171.