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After careful deliberation and consultation, we have concluded that we must cancel this year's conference completely. Initially, we saw an opportunity to proceed with an online version of the conference, but after monitoring the COVID-19 event over the past few weeks and considering the almost hour by hour fluidity of the situation, we have no choice but to halt that initiative as well. We also cannot make plans to postpone the conference as it is unclear when this crisis will end. Also, postponement would depend largely on finding another hotel that can accommodate us for the specific time period, working with plenaries, presenters and staff members to ensure that the new time frame would work for most people. To put it simply, creating an online conference or postponement would mean starting the planning process from scratch and this would add a lot of financial burden which we are unable to meet at this time.
Thank you for your understanding. See everyone next year


2020 Vision: LCTL's Collective Mission in the Next Decade

The conference aims to pursue a new pathway for advocating innovative approaches in research and practices, maximizing professional exchanges and collaboration among LCTL educators, and leveraging resources and strengths in the less commonly taught languages community. We cordially invite researchers, educators, practitioners, program developers, and administrators in the LCTL community organizations to submit proposals and attend the conferencece.

Registration Rates

Early Bird Reg till Jan 14, 2020
Normal Reg. Jan 15- Mar. 25, 2020 Late Reg. Mar. 25 - April 14, 2020 Onsite Registration April 15 - 19, 2020
Student/Senior Member 155.00 175.00 215.00 280.00 
Member 215.00  230.00 315.00 355.00
Student/Senior Non Member 245.00 265.00 300.00 330.00
Non Member 315.00 355.00 390.00 420.00




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